The appearance of pimples on the face is a nightmare for most people, especially if it happens just before the big event. The world of cosmetics offers thousands of products that promise to quickly remove unwanted red dots. But sometimes the most effective treatments are the ones made at home.

After ditching synthetic hairstyles and embracing her natural hair, one Kenyan entrepreneur is making it possible for many Africans to wear their hair any which way they like.

Michelle Ntalami started Kenya's first quality natural hair care line, Marini Naturals, in response to the lack of organic products on the market specifically catering Kenya's first start up for natural African hairfor natural, Afro-textured hair.

Why do you really look at labels on skin products? Are you interested in the ingredients used or the effects they will ahem on your body? Allow me to give you a list of the most indulging natural ingredients used in body balm, that will not only make your skin look beautiful but will replenish.